Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recent Activities of Trivandrum Central Council

The Governing body of Trivandrum Central Council elected Br. Don Bosco as the new President of Trivandrum Central Council on 18th July, 2008. Br. R. Zacharias and Br. Joosa Fernandez was nominated as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. After the nomination of the new office bearers the Trivandrum Central Council under the leadership of Br. Don Bosco visited Valiathura, Karumkulam and Vallavila Area Councils which consists of 33 Conferences and gave proper guidance to the concerned Conference office bearers regarding Projects, Twinage Accounts, proper unkeep of records and Reports and proper instructions and advice was given wherever deemed necessary.
After the formation of the new Central Council three Board meetings and six Central Council meetings was conducted in all months and various items like the working of the Conferences, new Projects, and the proposals and decisions taken at the Regional and National Councils was conveyed to the Central Council Members and discussed in detail.

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