Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rice Distribution to the Needy Persons

At Edayar Church , Near Poonthura (23-3-2009)

Edayar is situated in the outskirts of Trivandrum District which is nearly 5 kms away from Trivandrum International Airport . The inmates live by the traditional method of fishing. They use the traditional catamaran fishing boat and most often they are exploited by the middle men. Before they go for fishing they need food, kerosene and other essential utensils items and these things are borrowed from the nearest petty shops. And since the men are away from their huts for nearly 4 to 7 days the women folks again borrows the essential rice and other items hoping to repay the loan as soon as their husbands return from the sea.

But, most often the fishermen return empty handed and they are unable to repay the loan and if by chance they get some money after a good catch it is insufficient for them to pay back the money to petty shopkeepers, kerosene vendors, ice vendors etc.

and after toiling day & night for 4 to 7 days they are forced to starve the following days, and in this way their life goes on, and on for their rest of their life. n this situation we can very well imagine the plight of their children’s education and if by chance if someone is sick in the family.
Unfortunately another demon is hunting this area. A most unhygienic waste water canal (Parvathi Puttenar) from the city ends here and most of the area where the fisherman lives are water logged. As a result of this unfortunate situation cancer disease has crept in for nearly 20 years, and has badly effected nearly 47 families in this area. The local Vincent De Paul Society with the help of other near-by Conferences are trying their level best to provide at least a meal a day, and other life saving drugs, cloths, shelters for the poor victims. But tight financial constrains have bared from doing so. Some of the recent photographs taken in this area is enclosed for ready reference.

At this juncture the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Sacred Heart Conference considered that it is very essential to give some kind of help for this down trodden poor people of this area. Hence we arranged this small function on 23rd March, 2009.

20 families were selected with the help of Local Conference President of Adiyar & Poonthura. Area Council of St. Vincent De Paul Society. This is our second programme to help the most needy persons who don’t have a single meal a day. We intent to club this programme along with our normal weekly visits. The Parish Priest of Adiyar Church Rev. Fr Joy and 3 nuns were present on the occasion. After a small introduction 5 kg of rice, one lungi, I kg of sugar, I packet of tea, washing & bath soap were distributed to the 20 families present there. Our present treasurer. Br. Rathinam gave a brief description of our activities in around Trivandrum District and Fr Joy and our Conference Secretary Br. Johnson distributed the items to 20 families. The above function was presided over by of Br. Don Bosco, Central Council President, of Trivandrum Central Council. Some of the photos taken on the occasion is enclosed. And at the end of the function Intersession Prayer card of St. Vincent De Paul were distributed to all the local conference members and others present there.

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