Sunday, October 30, 2016

Visit to St Assisi. Bhavan, Chavadimukku, Sreekariyam

St Francis of Assisi (1182 – 1226) born to a wealthy merchant family in the town of Assisi, Italy, St Francis underwent a religious conversion after coming back from a military campaign. He devoted his life to poverty, chastity and living the truth of the Gospels. He gained the authority to establish a new order of monks – The Franciscans. He is said to have received the Stigmata – becoming the first recorded person to experience the same wounds of Jesus Christ. St Assisi. Bhavan, Chavadimukku, Sreekariyam (A Home for the homeless) located in Trivandrum, is looking after 34 inmates. This charitable institution was visited on 30th Oct: 2016. Rev. Fr Jerome Netto Asst: Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Church, Nanthencode and 8 members of St. Vincent De Paul Society, Sacred Heart Conference Nanthencode visited this institution. The members spent nearly 1 ½ hours with inmates and the institute were given relief materials consisting of Sugar, green gram, snacks etc.

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